Project Description

nursery with green curtains wood storage bench white washed crib and global accents

Louisville Safari Nursery – Photographs by: Libbie Holmes Photography

Louisville Safari Nursery

Location: Louisville, CO
Winter 2021

Scope of Work:
Our ‘Louisville Safari Nursery’ received floorplans along with furniture sourcing and procurement. It also included art and accessory styling.

The Challenge:
Our clients wanted a gender neutral nursery that was inspired by their travels and to incorporate a green dresser they had since they were a child. With an important space such as this we wanted to help them add personality while keeping the room highly functional and prepared for all the chaos a new baby brings.

What We Did:
House Meraki chose to create a ‘WOW’ moment with a subtle wallpaper accent wall that depicted mountains and birds collaged out of old maps. It was the best backdrop for the crib and rocking chair, giving high impact every time you entered the room. We balanced this with the pop of color in the existing dresser and curtains. This helped to ensure the green didn’t overwhelm the small space. Keeping all other furniture pieces light with clean lines enhances the accessories that bring big personality to the space.


Photographs by: Libbie Holmes Photography

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