Project Description

Portfolio Denver Interior Design Pink and Blue nursery with woodland animals

Wolff Nursery – Photographs by: Libbie Holmes Photography

Barnum Pink & Blue Nursery

Location: Denver, CO
Summer 2019

Scope of Work:
Nursery received space planning, accent wall design, furniture selection, rug, and decorative items.

The Challenge:
This nursery was for our very own co-founder Adriele Graham’s daughter. Her challenge was adding color without overwhelming the small space and incorporating older family pieces. For most designers, another difficulty is being our own client!

What We Did:
“There were two heirloom paintings I was considering for the space, both painted by my husband’s late grandmother. With the two options in mind, I started my search with the area rug and immediately loved this one when I saw it. It tied into all the colors in one of the paintings perfectly and the geometric southwest pattern was a nice contrast to some of the more feminine elements I had planned. To finalize the room, my husband and I created a feature wall with some simple moldings and paint above. This was key. We are both artists so we love color but it needed to be used strategically. The feature wall allowed us to showcase a vibrant color, but by keeping the painted area small, it wasn’t overwhelming to the room.” – Adriele Graham, Principal Designer & Co-Founder

Photographs by: Libbie Holmes Photography

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