Project Description

Denver Interior Designers work high rise condo view of living and dining

Glass House Condo – Photographs by: Libbie Holmes Photography

Glass House Condo

Location: Denver, CO
Spring 2019

Scope of Work:
Entire condo received space planning, furniture selection, rug, artwork, and decorative items. Dining, kitchen, and living room received updated lighting.

The Challenge:
This ‘Glass House Condo’ needed to maximize the space and function of the 2 bedroom condo. The home owner wanted to showcase her travels and allow the space to grow with her as life evolved. The materials and finishes had to reflect her love of other cultures and art while maintaining a modern twist and color palette.

What We Did:
Our goal was to blend the strict symmetry of clean modern lines with the variations found in trinkets from around the world. In order to do so, we merged different textures and profiles. The sharp geometric patterns of the pillows pairs with the rustic jute of the ottomans. The smooth lines of the modern furniture amplifies the sculptural beauty of the pottery and accessories. The modern lighting lets the unique artwork take center stage. 

Photographs by: Libbie Holmes Photography

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