Not Your Grandmother’s Wallpaper

By Elizabeth Berry

May 22nd, 2020

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One of the largest growing trends right now is wallpaper. That’s right, I said wallpaper! Now I’m not talking about that stale, highly feminine, and sepia stained paper you remembered from your great grandmothers’ home. I’m talking about fun, fresh, and modern wallpaper. Paper that looks like artwork and murals. The kind of paper you see in trendy restaurants and hotels. This isn’t to say the feminine look is out, quite the contrary. There are amazing floral papers out there with a modern abstract take on the flower and what a flower is supposed to look like.

One of my absolute favorite wallpaper manufacturers out there is AREA ENVIRONMENTS. This company has been creating beautiful and modern wallpaper before it came into the mainstream marketplace. In fact, in the short 8 years they have been around they have paved the way for the more affordable websites currently selling DIY wallpaper. This company finds artists around the world to create original works for large (and I’m talking LARGE!) scale murals. The detail found on these printed wallpapers are insane! Now, these designs are anything but ordinary. The artist each have their own story and process you can learn more about on the website. Each working with different mediums from water color, plaster, to paper and scalpel….Yup, scalpel! One of the artists, DOMITILLA BIONDI, creates paper carvings with a knife, check out the photo of her wallpaper design installed. As you can see the intricacy of each organic shape is very delicate and beautifully rendered with simplicity. You can check out more of her work here .

On the other end of the spectrum, they have artist Christian Gastaldi who creates work inspired by the streets of major cities. His work gives off that almost rock ‘n’ roll vibe of posters and advertisements while highlighting the rough beaten edges in his collages. I personally love how his compositions balance out with different graphics and color while telling a deeper story. It can add that perfect edge and WOW factor to an otherwise ‘too simple’ space. Gastaldi works with, “materials such as paper bags and discarded posters that he explains ‘can be found in the streets, having suffered the passing of time’ ” – Area Environments. Check out more of his work here .

Come on, who cannot get sucked into these radically awesome artists and the stories behind their work? We have even used a few of these wallpapers for our own design projects, AND they turned out amazing! I for one, love the fine art element and out of the box thinking it brings. This kind of innovation has helped transformed the wallpaper industry and broke it wide open. Say good-bye to the dated concept and perception of ‘Wallpaper’, this design element is here to stay!

Live your fullest,