How to Love Your Home

By Elizabeth Berry

February 28, 2021

Being stuck indoors for an extended period can put strain on the relationship with your home. Like all other relationships sometimes you just need time apart, however, in a pandemic that is a little harder to accommodate. The best way to approach this problem is to reevaluate what you’re getting from your home, what do you expect from your home, and are your emotional needs being meet? Here are some tips to spruce up your home so you can fall back in love with it …

Create Zones

    • As humans we crave a change of scenery, like to enjoy experiences, and need environments to heighten our senses. Each space in your home must reflect the purpose of the space, allow you to focus on the activity, attend your emotional needs when engaged in that activity, and stimulate your senses. Creating zones will allow you to better accommodate all these needs.
    • Open space concepts are no exception to the rule, it is best practice to create zones for each area to optimize the benefits. Designer Tip: Yes, in small homes it is necessary to double zone. (ex: Your family room may consist of a media room & playroom combination) If possible, stay away from dual zoning an area which purposes conflict, such as a treadmill in a bedroom. The gym is a high energy space where focus and loud volume are required; a bedroom needs to be a more peaceful and relaxing space to unwind.

Organized Cleaning & Decluttering

    • Is your home in constant chaos where you’re never able to find anything? We’ve all been there; I know I have! It’s crucial to not only upkeep the home by cleaning and decluttering but also setting yourself up for consistent success is just as important. Create a system to follow when organizing that will keep everything in its place by compartmentalizing your storage. Keep cleaning supplies for the bathroom in the bathroom, kitchen in kitchen, and laundry room in the laundry room. No brainer uh? Think again, after time passes you may need to cross use a product then items get displaced. What I like to do is have multiple of one product in each place its needed, for example I’ll have glass cleaner in my kitchen and in the bathrooms while keeping a large glass cleaner refill jug in backstock (garage is a great place for backstock) This way when I need to clean a room, I’m not running around for cleaning supplies which also saves time.
    • Another headache eliminator is designating a spot for non-daily necessities that are used somewhat frequently. Have a spot for wrapping paper and thank you cards, for batteries and tape, extra phone chargers and headphones, first aid kit and frequently used tools (such as scissors and a screwdriver). This spot shouldn’t be hard to get to. The purpose for this is when that moment comes when you’re running late out the door but the car clicker doesn’t work you know exactly where everything is you need. Quickly go to the cabinet with the batteries and the drawer with the screwdriver, bam, working clicker in less than 5 mins! I will embarrassingly admit I came across this moment while not having my supplies in order. I was so busy and couldn’t find time to stop and fix it, so I spent the next couple days with my alarm going off every time I opened the car door manually, causing unneeded stress in my life. Remember, a functioning home is easier to love!

Add Privacy

    • Privacy is a big component to feeling comfortable in your home and windows are a afterthought for most people. Blinds are important for privacy and there’s a lot to consider when deciding what type to get. Consider the room, how its used, and how the light needs to or doesn’t need to come in.
    • Don’t stop at just blinds, curtain panels are just as important. Curtain panels add layers of light filtration depending on how you use the space. They are also a great way to soften the environment and bring the eye up, adding the feeling of height to your space. Designer tip: for bedrooms I like to use black out blinds with a double curtain rod, the inner layer a nice white sheer and the outer layer a beautiful solid or patterned curtain panel that adds to the design of the space.

Display Your Hobbies & Interests

    • A large part of who you are is reflected in your hobbies and interests, to feel more at home you can display them in creative ways. Do you collect souvenirs from your travels or spin pottery? Does your family collect small baseball bats from every baseball stadium you’ve visited in the country? (I have family who does this, so fun!) Whatever it is that sparks your excitement try displaying it on the walls or in bookshelves in a decorative way. Feel proud to show who you are!

Address the Walls

    • Nobody likes a home that feels cold and empty, it makes us feel unsettled in such a harsh environment. Walls are prominent in our eye line as we walk into a home or space. This is why so many designers focus on identifying what accent walls need to pop to add depth and interest. If you can’t commit to a full accent wall, art is the best way to fill in the empty spaces and show your personality. Don’t have any, no problem! These days there are so many great places to buy inexpensive art!

Indulge the Senses

    • Nourish your senses with candles, scents, bath salts, essential oils, even herbs. Using these properly can revitalize the mind and awaken your ability to focus. Some ways to do this are hanging eucalyptus in the shower, keep essential oil lotion in your desk drawer, and actually using all those relaxing bath gifts you’ve collected over the years. One of my favorite things to do during the fall to indulge in the senses is heating up spices. I have a small 16oz crock pot for dips that I fill with water, cinnamon sticks, and other spices to get an aroma going through the house. You’d be surprised how much your mood can be uplifted by letting yourself enjoy these small things in life.
    • Fresh Flowers are also a great way to bring life and color to your space. It changes your scenery up a bit because flowers will most likely change with the seasons. Designer tip: Don’t have to stop at flowers, try other objects as well. Branches, tall grass, twigs and dried plants, all work to provide a unique environment to your home. You can have fun rearranging during their shelf life and there are tricks to making them last longer. Check out our blog post on making your flowers last longer here!

There are so many more ways to enjoy your home, but this is a blog post not a book. I hope to write more on the subject in future posts but for now, I’ll leave you with these. Try them out an let us know how you like them!

Live your fullest!