How to Create Inspiration Boards

By The Meraki Team

May 21st, 2020

A great way to start off any project is creating an inspiration board, but exactly what kind of images should you collect?

First, a few easy platforms to start capturing and gathering your board of inspiration images on are Pinterest, Houzz, or Trello. These sites make it super easy to share and collaborate with either your designer or other household members. No matter which one you use, the most important thing to remember is to save the images you’re drawn to.

Yes, of course save images of entire rooms, but make sure you note what elements are drawing you to that shot and which elements you don’t care for. Don’t be afraid to save close up images of accessories, fabrics, and architectural features as well. These close up shots really help us zone in on a feeling you want your home to capture. Inspiration can be found all around us in not obvious ways, save textures, artwork, patterns, and so on; there may be an image of spices or a mountain breeze. Certain things evoke an emotion from us and we want you to be able to capture that feeling in your inspiration boards so that they can then be conveyed into your home. If there’s a particular work of art or decorative item you’re absolutely in love but doesn’t have the coloring you prefer just save it and write a note “loving this pattern but not the colors” or something similar, you might be able to save the image in black and white so the colors don’t distract from your board.

One last note, inspiration can and will hit you anywhere, and we mean anywhere! Make sure you capture it in some form so you can come back to it and reference for yourself or your designer later. You might like the vibe at a restaurant when you’re out with friends, take a picture and email it. Or you might be visiting a relative’s home and love a functional feature they just updated, document it! As you capture these sources of joy and inspiration around you, you’ll most likely see that a pattern has emerged which then allows you and/or your designer to better identify your style and vision.

Now, go work on your boards!