Help Your Home Bring You More Luck!

7 Easy Feng Shui Tips

By Adriele Graham

March 14, 2021

Thomas Jefferson once said “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”. By utilizing some or all of the following 7 Feng Shui tips, you can help your home work to bring you more luck too!

While I am not a Feng Shui Certified Practitioner (yet) I find myself more and more fascinated with the principles, especially since they tend to overlap with foundational interior design principles that I have implored for years. Very generally speaking, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that seeks to harmonize the five elements of Wood, Earth, Metal, Water, and Fire in a given space in order to optimize the flow of energy/Qi (pronounced chee). While its system is more complex than I will elaborate on, here are 7 easy Feng Shui tips you can utilize in your home to better your energy and luck.


Feng Shui’s history goes back thousands of years and has often been misinterpreted and loaded with cultural stereotypes. “This makes it very important to distinguish between the culturally specific expressions of energy and the very essence of any given form of energy.” explains Rodika Tchi, Master Feng Shui Consultant in Understand What Feng Shui Is. “This is important to note since cultural representation can drastically change the emotional connection to certain symbols and images” says Tchi.  Select objects in your home that elevate your joy and they will be your personal lucky charms. You can do this by displaying pictures and objects that have meaning to you; whether they represent your passions, hobby, faith or memories. Here is a list of popular Feng Shui Symbols you can use in your home or this list of 14 Lucky Charms to Motivate and Inspire You. My personal favorites are fresh flowers and fruit which invite fruition and healing energy….hello edible arrangements! Also here is our guide to help your fresh flowers last.


Plants are one of the biggest ways to change and improve the energy in your home. “plants bring the wood element into a space…This creates and supports the energy of vibrant health, growth, and exploration.”  Explains Karen Rauch Carter, author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. “They’re always changing and growing, which can help people take action and get the ball rolling in any area of their life.” explains Carter. For better Feng Shui in your home, add plants with soft, rounded leaves, instead of plants with sharp leaves and thorns. The money Tree and Lucky Bamboo are a couple Feng Shui favorites but here are 7 Feng Shui plants that are easy to keep alive.


Positioning is one of the most important adjustments used in Feng Shui. Utilizing the power or command position, especially for your bed, desk, and stove, will allow you to subconsciously feel more at ease in your space. To place your bed, desk, or stove in the command position they need to be as far from the door as possible while still having a view of the door, but not be in line with it, and preferably have a wall at your back. By utilizing the command position you will be able to see more of the opportunities/luck that is available to you.


As humans we are highly visual, which makes color one of the most effective Feng Shui adjustments. “According to the ancient art and science of feng shui, you have colors that support you, as well as colors that drain your energy. This applies to both the colors you are wearing as clothing and accessories, as well as the colors of your home decor.”  Explains Rodika Tchi in Here are Your Best Feng Shui Colors to Wear. For our easy and fun purposes let’s look at the use of color on your front door which acts as the portal of energy into your home. In Feng Shui the color of your door is determined by the direction it faces. Earth tones like green and brown are best for east facing doors, fire colors like red and orange for south, neutral metal colors like gray and white for west, and water colors of blue and black for north. Make sure your guests are able to find the entrance easily with clearly visible house numbers, a light, and by keeping their path free of any obstructions. Also make an effort to use your front door daily or at least once a week so that it is “activated” to allow energy, luck and opportunities to flow into your home.


Natural light is one of the greatest sources of energy provided to us. Maximize the natural light in your home by opening your blinds and drapes. Avoid light blocking drapes or wooden blinds (use blackouts for bedrooms and theater rooms only) and instead opt for sheers and light filtering shades. Whenever possible, let the stale air out of your home by opening your windows/doors to let in fresh outdoor air. For darker areas that don’t receive natural light you can supplement with artificial lighting. Keep in mind that the right lighting is key to maintaining the proper energy per the room’s purpose and function. “Light in a warmer color temperature (below 3000K) creates a more relaxed, comfortable environment whereas light in a cooler color temperature (above 3000K) creates a more energetic ambiance. Using warm-toned lighting for rooms dedicated to rest, and bright, cool-toned lighting in more active areas will help maintain harmonious chi levels in your home.” Says Jessica Blanke in Lighting Tips for Good Feng Shui.


Scents and aromas are scientifically known to evoke emotional responses from us. Feng Shui encourages the use of scents to bring harmony and balance to our spaces. “An essential oil is the pure essence of a plant — its life force, its chi — extracted and distilled into an aromatic concentrate distinguished by fragrance. Applying essential oils to a feng shui treatment of your environment is a shortcut to enhancing — and enticing — positive chi and good luck.” explains Benna Crawford in How to Use Essential Oils for Luck.  But don’t limit yourself to essential oils, you can use candles, incense, reed diffusers, bath salts, etc. They’ll all work to awaken and direct your emotions and energy. I love adding lavender and eucalyptus essential oils to my bath salts for a truly relaxing bath experience. I also love using candles at night with dim lighting to give our home a cozy feeling.


I saved decluttering for last since it’s been so over discussed with hit shows like Tidying up with Marie Kondo and The Home Edit both on Netflix.  I think that one of the reasons these shows have exploded is because we can ALL relate to the battle of clutter. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that clutter is a huge obstacle to good Feng Shui energy. It inhibits good Qi to flow through your home properly which ends up draining you of energy. That’s why that stack of mail or clothes feels so draining every time you look at it. For more detailed help with decluttering, check out this article on Feng Shui Tips for Clearing Clutter. It can be overwhelming to think of everything we have to do at once which can consequently debilitate us. Instead of focusing on everything all at once start with different zones and chisel a small area away each day. Over time the progress will start to show and the process will become meditative and addicting. Clearing the clutter in your home will allow you to think more clearly, be more productive, and feel more relaxed which will all lead to greater opportunity and luck.

As an interior designer I have always been aware of the effect our spaces have on us but Feng Shui sheds light on the energy that evokes our emotions when we are in these spaces. Whether you are looking to better your luck, health, or prosperity, the energy in your home can help you achieve those goals. Use the above tips to help, but also remember to be mindful when implementing them by keeping your intentions at the forefront.

Good Luck!