Meet Our Founders

By The House Meraki Team

May 22nd, 2020

We’re Adriele + Elizabeth…

We’re the dynamic duo behind House Meraki. We help individuals, like you, untangle the messiness that a renovation brings with it, to help the team create a beautiful and functional home that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

We do this through our specialized creative design process that helps us move ideas from intentions to reality in a smoother implementation process to bring back the love of life starting at home. 

Adriele Graham

Elizabeth Berry

Adriele’s passion for design was forged from her childhood love of art combined with her life long fascination to understand how things work. Today she is an interior designer and artist with years of industry experience and awards for her designs in multiple states. Being a Brazilian native, she is often inspired by nature and not afraid to be bold (in personality or design). 

Adriele received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design as well as Fine Art, with a minor in Art History from The George Washington University in Washington DC. After graduating with Honors she pursued a career in interior design by honing her skills and working for design firms in DC, Boston, and finally in Denver.  Her expertise in drafting and keen eye for detail have led her to excel in the very technical aspects of interior architecture and residential construction.

As a co-founder of House Meraki , Adriele is excited for the opportunity to contribute to the Denver community with great designs and community service. She believes that our surroundings can enhance our daily lives and that great design is achievable at any price point.

As co-founder of House Meraki and an ASID Crystal Award winner, Elizabeth has a strong talent for design with experience in residential, hospitality, office interiors and education. Always knowing she would be a designer and coming from a family of engineers she has been working with interior designers and architects since she was a teenager.

Elizabeth attended school as an Aztec at San Diego State University in Southern California and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design with a minor in Art History. She went on to work along the west coast of California from San Diego to the bustle of Beverly Hills before following a longtime dream of moving out to Colorado. Here she spent the next few years working for prestigious designers before co-founding House Meraki.

Over her career she has honed a wide variety of skills that have contributed to House Meraki’s structured design process. Elizabeth believes beautiful design can invigorate one’s life and it can be done systematically and more sustainably.