5 Things to Freshen Your Home

By Elizabeth Berry

January 16, 2021

Coming off a year to forget, this new year arrives with hope and optimism. Most are screaming, ‘out with the old and in with the new!’ We have spent so much time indoors we are craving a change of scenery or even dreaming up remodels we might not be able to afford (just yet). Here are 5 ways you can freshen your home in the new year with little to no budget (so you don’t go insane during this home stretch of the pandemic) …

1. Rearrange furniture and switch out pillows.

Creating a new furniture layout in just one room can make a huge difference! Your room too small and furniture too large to attempt this? Try trading smaller pieces between the rooms of the house, a side table here and a lamp there. You would be surprised how refreshing minor changes can feel.

You can try this with plants too. If your plants are healthy and adaptable to small changes why not rotate their location? Who knows, maybe they will enjoy their new spot and thrive.

Pillow covers are one of the more inexpensive items in home décor. Changing out pillow covers are a fun way to bring in different colors and patterns to a room. It’s also easy to store the ones you are not using. If you love this idea, a nice schedule to stick to would be alternating every season. Color has a huge impact on our mood, this is one of the best ways to positively impact your mood without changing your daily habits.

2. Rotate artwork.

There is no law saying you need to hang all the artwork you own. In fact, one of the most impactful ways to freshen your home for free is to switch out the art on the walls with other pieces you own. This is a great thing to do annually and it allows you to enjoy all of your art without overwhelming your wall space.

Not enough art to do this? Start slowly collecting pieces you really enjoy with the goal to switch out what’s currently on the wall. DESIGNER TIPS: Leave the large pieces as permanent wall hangings while switching out the medium and small pieces (this will help with storing the ones you’re not hanging that year). Also, stick to collecting artwork the same size as the one you are envisioning to rotate it with. This way there is no need to change up the hooks or nails on the wall every year.

House Meraki founders place art

3. Update your picture frames.

Going through the home and updating your picture frames will allow you to enjoy more of those photos you take all year long. Keep a few dedicated to the ones you absolutely love but switch the others to help you stay current and enjoy the good moments. We could all use a little help remembering the good times from the previous year, especially 2020.

4. Restyle your surfaces.

Try restyling your surfaces from bookcases to coffee tables. Shifting around your décor is a small way to look at your home differently. You may catch yourself gazing at items you own more just by changing its line of sight, bringing back that ‘joy’ Marie Kondo talks about.

5. Commit to a deep cleaning ‘challenge’.

While you’re making all these changes to your home you might as well commit to deep cleaning all or part of the house right? In doing so you are forcing yourself to declutter giving you room to breathe a bit. There are many guides or challenges out there but one we like to follow ourselves is Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. You may also find you can sell things you no longer want, giving you some cash to stash or spend on that one thing you’ve been eyeing for a while now.

It’s not necessary to do all of these to ‘freshen’ your home. Even devoting will make a huge difference and effect your mood in a positive way, in turn helping your overall wellness. The pandemic may not have ended at the stroke of midnight on Jan 1st, but this fresh home will make 2021 feel fresh until we get through this!

Live your fullest!